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Demo Reel - "My problem with women" - "Mi problema con las mujeres" - Comedy 2012

Demo reel exclusive of the series, with extracts of the 13 episodes.
A man with a stable economic position who realizes that he has a problem to have a serious relationship and decides to go to therapy to fix it.

Realization of TrailerBook 

Made with various material and techniques. Trailer book of the book "THE SEVENTH BASTON OF GOD" (2012).
Accompanying the launch of this novel by Jorge Nisco and Ramiro San Honorio.

Old Demo Reels

Here are three compilations of some programs.
The videos don't have neither good quality or a refined edition or selection. The visualization serves, in any case, as a very general sample of the work of that time.
Excerpts from scenes of "Poliladron" (1995) and "For the name of God" (1999).
Excerpts from scenes from "Son Amores" (2002/2003).
Excerpts from scenes from "Culpables" (2002), "R.R.D.T." (1997) and "Primicias" (2000).
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