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Feature films released.

Marcos is a 35 year old cadet, disbelieving and pessimistic. After being involved in the robbery of a bank he meets a mysterious man who gives him a new opportunity to live. To recover his life Marcos must prove his innocence and decides to investigate what really happened in the robbery.

First animated feature produced in Argentina based on free software. The film tells the story of a sparrow and a female canary that will try to forge their destiny to be finally free.

Los SuperAgentes - (Nueva Generación)
The SuperAgents -  (New Generation)

This new film continues the saga that began more than two decades ago. Victor Bó, Ricardo Bauleo and Julio De Grazia in the unforgettable roles of Tiburón, Delfín and Mojarrita. "The Superagents, the new generation" is a continuation of the original story, adapting the plot to the time and using modern special effects, but without leaving humor behind.

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