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Director, scriptwriter and author of film and television, Elementary teacher of artistic drawing and cartoonist, always combined plastic arts with the audiovisual medium. He has worked on Story-Board for films such as "Comodines"  and "La pelea de mi vida". Experienced with classic 2D animation, Stop Motion and 3D / CGI software. He studied directing and production at the National Institute of Cinematography (CERC) and at the Casa de la Cultura de Avellaneda.
Alternating in the roles of editor, scriptwriter, cameraman and director, he made short films, pilots, commercial, institutional, documentaries, etc. Over time he specialized in plot and fiction programs. In 1995 he joined the staff of the incipient producer Pol-Ka producciones. There he directed programs such as "Culpables", "22 El Loco", "Son Amores", "Sos mi Vida", among many others.

Later on, he became the director of the film "Plumíferos", the first feature in Argentina made entirely in 3d / CGI and first in the world to be made with free software.
Directed the film: Los Superagentes - new generation, for Argentina Sono Film. He then performed hits such as "Ciega a Citas", "Los Pells", and ventured into children's shows for Nickelodeon and Latin America Disney . In 2012 he made the series / comedy "Mi problema con las mujeres" by Mariano Martinez / 13 Mares for Telefé. Then a series of Action / Comedy of 24 chapters web for Volkswagen, called "24 Casetas". In 2013 he wrote "La Misión", a 13-chapter fantasy miniseries, while directing "Señales", a children's production by Dori Media Group. In 2014 he wrote and directed, on request, the film "El Otro", released that same year and in 2015 a mini-series of 8 chapters, homonymous and starting from the same project, broadcast on the Public TV and with great repercussion. In 2016, he participated in the pre-production and direction of Telefe's show "Educando a Nina". He then developed a script for a  miniseries, "El Taxicologo". He wrote and directed one of the first 360 VR fiction made in Argentina, with SAGAI's support. In 2017 he kept writing "El convertido - Vampiros en Bs As" (drama-comedy) while he wrote and pre-produced other projects. In 2018-2019-2020 he directed "BIA" a Disney Channel/Pegsa/Non Stop production.

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